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About Us-FP

    Welcome to the counseling center.  Life can be full of unavoidable worries.  We are here for you, your good friend, willing to listen to your problems related to learning, adapting to changes in your life, relationships, gender identities, family issues, career planning, mental health or any other concerns you may have.  Any time you need to talk, please come visit us at our offices located at Zhong Xin Building, 3rd floor, Room L1313 or call us at 06-287-3335 ext. 2625.

    As we grow, changes in our lives may lead to problems or give you a feeling of a loss of control.  We want to share your concerns with you.  Open the doors to a better tomorrow right here with your good friends.

    Counseling Center will organize a variety of thematic activities every semester. Whether you want to meet new friends during our activities or add experience to your life, our activities promise to be fulfilling.   



Services offered:

  • Life education activities, individual case management, mental health promotion activities (including mental and physical adaptation evaluations), gender equality publicity activities, tertiary prevention, teacher counseling work, individual consultation, group counseling, volunteer training and care for the disadvantaged students
  • Resource Classroom. The services we provide include: Student Care and Service; assisting Resource Classroom Students how to adapt to the new environment, interpersonal-relationship, and use Aids Application; Tutoring Hours Application; the Application of scholarship offered by the Ministry of Education to assist College Special Education Students; Resource Classroom Student Related Meeting & Event; provision of Resource Classroom Environment & Related resources.